Brandy Mentions GSO in Glamour Mag!


Brandy was told, “You’re aging backwards!”  She quickly gave a shout out to Good Scents Oils.  Her positive feedback is living proof that brand consistency and resilience matters.  I have been building this business since 1994 and each stage of the journey has presented unique oppositions.  However, each opposition that I overcome leads to another opportunity to make a positive difference in the world through Good Scents Oils. 

It is not just products, it’s a whole mood!  I am so thankful for each person who has supported Good Scents Oils.  I have such a deep level of gratitude that I get to see the fruit of my labor being shared with the world. 

In addition to the recent instagram video, I was recently informed that Brandy was so excited about Good Scents Oils that she shared her experience with Glamour Magazine! There is no greater feeling than seeing your brand being posted by a celebrity so loved by so many people! 

Brandy, I am sending good vibes and gratitude to you Queen!  May your star keep shining bright in the world on your journey as an actress, singer, songwriter and businesswoman.

Thank You Brandy!

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