2024 Shipping Policy!

Our brand is very unique, once you've tried our products, you immediately learn how so!  For our body scrubs we hand mix 100lb tubs of sugars for each scent into our special recipe then hand stuff each individual jar perfectly!  For our body creams, we whip 100 quarts of each scent with our commercial mixers then air compress them into each individual jar perfectly!  We have paused our bootie butters temporarily, but they will be available very soon.  Among all of the products we make available to our consumers, these are our three most sought after collections.

Be advised that we experience a heavy volume of orders on a frequent basis, usually by way of viral content, popularity post or very generous sales on a daily basis which can cause delays in turnaround times.  Our goal is to get products to you as quickly as we can for you to enjoy, however microwave shipping is not in our favor due to limited resources.  We are still a very small business putting out a fabulous line of gourmet skin care.  Please bear with us! 

Normally we would allow ourselves a seven to ten business day turn-around time (not including weekends or holidays) to receive, process and ship your products, if you're within the US, however, due to the volume of orders we receive and the labor we encounter, time is not always on our side.  There is a possible wait time of 4 weeks to process and ship orders if we have a heavy flow of orders.  If you call to check on an order and are unable to get a live person, please leave a voice message or text message so we will know who to call back.  We want you to understand before you make a purchase that we are not an overnight service, we have a small crew that handles our manufacturing and shipping, and we create quality products while offering huge sales to allow our customers to stock up until they are able to shop again.  You may contact us to follow up on your order or expedite your delivery for an additional shipping fee.  

Expedited shipping can happen in advance if you place your order via telephone, we only ship ground (unless) you pay over the phone for overnight shipping.  The rate you pay to have your packaged shipped comes directly from UPS, it is determined by the weight of the package and the distance the box is traveling to.  If you received your tracking number but you don’t see movement on your package just yet, this is because we pre-print shipping labels to get boxes ready for shipping.  Please keep checking your tracking for movement.  

All orders placed from our online store are shipped worldwide via UPS

All orders placed for GSO products on other marketplaces may be shipped with other couriers.

If you receive a tracking number and it is showing delivered but you don’t see your package, check your surrounding area to see if the driver placed it somewhere safe for you, check with your rental office or front desk concierge, check with your neighbors to see if they held your box for you and if none of those were the case then contact UPS at +1 (800) 742-5877 with your tracking number to file a claim.  Also, notify us of your claim right away so that we can be in contact with resources on our end to help expedite the process. 

Due to out of state customers consistently selecting local pickup instead of paying for shipping, local pickup is not currently available at this time!

We do not accept returns on any skin care products!  Once you make the purchase, the sale is final!  We will however make exceptions judging your concern, please don't hesitate to call!


Please have patience with the expectance of receiving your order and be sure to subscribe to our emails so you don't miss a sale, we offer them frequently! 

Thank you kindly for patronizing and supporting our brand and send us some positivity on our social media pages @goodscentsoils on Meta & TikTok as we need encouragement to stay in business!  This is not for the weak!  We appreciate you very much! 

GOOD SCENTS OILS (219) 281-2806 (OR) gsohelpdesk@yahoo.com