Tym Wallace - Celebrity Stylist

I remember being overwhelmed and just about done with GSO for the third time, I had closed the online store and poured myself a glass of blueberry wine from Cooper’s Hawk, immediately I felt a burden being lifted away from me!  No more back to back orders or responding to demanding customers, I felt FREE!  I was free.  Free to do home decor and free to work from home as an independent insurance broker. 

September 2018 I received a message from Tym, who had been ordering GSO for years, asking me what was going on with the online store, I replied, the store is closed, I need a break, he quickly said, oh no honey, bosses don’t take breaks! Open that store back up now boo boo!  

I waited for two days, took a deep breath and pressed my finger on the public link to activate the store, immediately orders began pouring in without me announcing anything!  People had been checking the site everyday!  I was back in the mix of mayhem but this time it just felt different!  The universe was involved like never before!  

in a world full of look a likes, Tym, saw me and the potential of GSO!  He understood the mission! 

Tym, I appreciate you, I’m grateful for you and all of the connections you’ve put me in touch with, all of the baskets and boxes you ordered for people who would haves never gave me a second thought, for all of your face times and pep talks, for not caring about if I’m headed to sleep or waking up, looking crazy, for being a GSO family member and for just being YOU!  You’re so genuine and real and I love you!  

So many good things happening because of you!  

Thank You 🙏🏽