DR. HARVEY NPO Highlights Good Scents Oils for Women's History Month!

On this 29th Day of Women's History Month, meet Regina M. Earvin-Underwood. She’s not new to business, she’s true to business and she gets it from her ancestors. Chicago born entrepreneur, Regina M. Earvin-Underwood consistently invested her time as a child, shadowing her grandmother in the kitchen. The recipes that her grandmother created provided a firm foundation that inspired Regina to build Good Scents Oils (GSO), a business that she started in 1994. Regina is making her own history this Women’s History Month through a partnership with Walmart Marketplace. Regina has traveled from hopelessness to hope by selling Good Scents Oils products from home, to vending at events, to hiring individual sales reps, to opening her first store in 2006, to selling her products at a mall kiosk in 2019, to opening her own warehouse distribution center in 2020, to partnering with
Walmart Marketplace in 2023. While building her own business, Regina also builds community by giving back in a major way.
She purchases supplies locally to support the community and ensure that as her business grows, local businesses also grow. Regina also distributes her Good Scents Oils at stores throughout Northwest Indiana. She has built well and established a solid pipeline that could be a blueprint for community development and community reinvestment. Regina is on a mission to empower women to own their own business. She helps women who don’t have their own platform yet by adding their flyers to customer bags inside her store. She also includes flyers for other business owners in her boxes that are shipped nationally and internationally. Regina is so passionate about her business because she built it from scratch. She gained so much family love from being born with strong roots, and she carries that love with her in business. GSO products are loved by so many people, including nationally and internationally known celebrities because each product is made with love. The love is evident on every label which includes a heart around the letters GSO. Regina recently shared her journey during a TED Talk for TEDx Gary. GSO came at a time when Regina was hopeless. She was a single mother who did not know how she was going to survive. People told her to put her products down and go get a real job. Now she owns a business that employs people, builds community, distributes GSO products to 50 states and 10 countries. Regina is the rose that grew from the concrete. Regina, your creativity is heaven sent. Keep inspiring communities both domestic and abroad. Happy Women's History Month!