Terms of service

Before purchasing our products, you acknowledge that you have read our TERMS OF SERVICE.  

We currently make all of our products, body scrub and whipped butter creams, from scratch in large batches.  We do not use chemicals or factory preservatives to extend the shelf life.  

The shelf life of our body scrubs are one year and six months for our whipped butter creams, if you choose, you may refrigerate your product to preserve them longer.  

We are a small business serving retail and wholesale, worldwide, which can sometimes cause a delay in shipping but we do make an effort to get orders out in a timely fashion.  Shipping times are can possibly take 1 to 21  business days, this does not include weekends, depending on how heavy the order flow is.  If you received a tracking number and you can’t track your package, this could be because we pre print hundreds of shipping labels for orders going out, one week in advance, keep checking your tracking or feel free to give us a call and check on your order.

We do not allow refunds unless approved by management.  We do not allow exchanges due to safety and not being able to resell the merchandise. If you notice that your box is damaged then refuse it and file a claim immediately with the shipping carrier.

For questions, contact us at (219) 281-2806  or goodscentsoils@yahoo.com